Cédula de habitabilidad

What is the certificate of habitability?

The certificate of habitability is the administrative document that certifies that a home meets the conditions established by the regulations to be used .

Types of certificates of habitability

Usually, when we are asked for the certificate of habitability, they refer to the certificate of habitability of second occupation. This means that this home was either built before the requirement came into effect or already had an expired certificate and needs renovation. The service offered in this section corresponds to the certificate of second occupation.
The first occupancy certificate is obtained at the end of a new housing project. You can also obtain a certificate of first occupation of rehabilitation in case of a change of use or a reform, services that we also perform. If you’re interested in a change of usage, check here .

What if I can’t get the certificate?

If you want to sell a home that is not in a condition to be used because it needs to be renovated, you need an exemption report. You can contact us to get it. Its cost is the same as that of the second-occupancy certificate.

How can the certificate be obtained?

To obtain it, an architect must perform an inspection of the home, write a certificate that the living requirements are met, and register it with the regional administration in charge of issuing it.

In the case of Catalonia, the requirements that housing must meet are established by the Decree 141/2012, of 30 of October, which regulates the minimum living conditions of homes and the certificate of habitability .

It can be applied for at any time and is valid for 15 years. The Generalitat de Catalunya must notify the granting or refusal of the certificate within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the application with the complete documentation.

Our rates

Our price for the card around Barcelona and the main towns of the Baix Llobregat , the Maresme , the Vallés Occidental and the Eastern Valleys is as follows:

Certificate of occupancy

  • Home inspection
  • Certificate of second occupation
  • Procedure in the Administration

Prices without VAT or administrative fees.


We apply a 20% discount if you jointly order the Energy Efficiency Certificate and the Certificate of Habitability.

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