Proyecto de cambio de uso en Barcelona

The change of use, a project to invest

This type of project is used to change the intended use of a building or part of a building for a different one. It can be used to convert a premises into a home and obtain a certificate of occupancy or to convert an office building into a hotel .

To carry it out, the project must be compatible with urban planning legality and comply with all applicable construction regulations. Except in exceptional cases, it will be necessary to carry out works to adapt the building or premises.

The modification of the use of a building or premises usually achieves an increase in its heritage value , so this project is usually very good investment also in economic terms.

The KAITEK ARCHITECTURE team has extensive experience in writing change of use projects . We offer a project tailored to your needs , and a optimization of deadlines and costs .

To convert a place to a home, you will need:

Meet living conditions .
Respect the town planning rules of the municipality.
Comply with the Technical Building Code .
Follow the instructions in the Building Thermal Installation Regulations .

Urban viability for change of use

To find out if a change of use is feasible, the first thing you need to do is check that there is no urban incompatibility and that the housing density has not been exhausted. allowed. We carry out these first checks for only € 50 + VAT , consulting the urban planning and the cadastre via the Internet. All we need to know to make these checks is the address of the site you want to change.

Physical viability of the project

Once the urban viability has been initially verified, work must begin on plans and measures to physically verify that the project is technically feasible. The habitability rules set out a number of requirements, such as the following:

  • Minimum height of the home.
  • Relationship between the usable area of the home and meters of facade .
  • Minimum dimensions of the different rooms and rooms that make up the home.
  • Characteristics of the ventilation and lighting of the different rooms.
  • Home accessibility conditions.

To perform these and other checks, you need to make a map of the current state of the premises, with all the measurements. And work on a housing distribution that meets all of these requirements . This first phase of Previous Studies is when we can clearly conclude whether a change of use is feasible or not.

To carry out the project, the control team carries out the following work:

Previous studies

Preliminary Studies are used to check the economic, technical and regulatory viability of the project. We go to the premises to make a plan with measurements of its initial state and draw up a plan with a distribution of the premises as housing that complies with all applicable regulations.

In this phase, the client receives distribution plans on the floor plan of the future home, the detail of regulatory requirements that must be met and an estimate of construction costs. adaptation of the premises, including fees and taxes.

Change of use project

This is the main design phase. We work on the project with the client , to adapt it to their objectives, tastes and needs, guaranteeing the conditions of security and habitability of the project by defining solutions in accordance with the regulations.

The project includes:

  • Descriptive report of the general characteristics of the work and justifications of the solutions.
  • General plans at scale, with plan of elevations, elevations and sections.
  • Schematic of facilities with pre-dimensioned plans.
  • Status of measurements .
  • Budget obtained by applying unit labor prices.

With this project, the client can apply to the city council for a building permit to convert their premises into housing and ask for offers from different builders to execute. the adaptation works.

Construction management

Site management is used to ensure that the work is carried out as defined in the project . KAITEK ARQUITECTURA directs the works of its projects rigorously to ensure that everything goes well .

For this, during the site visits, the necessary graphic and written orders will be given.

Certificate of final work and Certificate of habitability

Our work concludes by certifying the completion of the work and processing the certificate of habitability.

Examples of our work:

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