What is it

The Project Measurements is a detailed document of the resources necessary to execute a work. Its purpose is for a qualified builder to make a quote, the quotes received can be compared with each other and there are no problems or misunderstandings in the construction phase.

Some measurements define the project and allow the budget. They serve to compare apples with apples and pears with pears

What does it consist of

An analysis of the project is carried out and various components that are necessary for its execution are measured, such as:

  • The workforce associated or not associated with the items.
  • Auxiliary means (scaffolding, cranes, etc.) type, surface, etc.
  • The materials that are necessary: quality, way of placing them, etc.
  • Amount of waste generated and its processing.

What will the customer get

Detailed measurements by items of the project that the client wants to execute. These measurements will be ordered by chapters and each item will describe the characteristics and materials, the quantity necessary for the execution and the labor required. With these measurements it will be possible to make a comparison and assessment and analysis of possible errors in the builders’ budgets.