What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate

The energy efficiency certificate is the document used to qualify buildings based on their energy efficiency. Each energy label indicates the consumption of homes per square meter and year. In this way, the user can compare the energy performance of different homes.

Since June 2013, it is mandatory to have the energy certificate to sell or rent homes or premises.

What does it consist of

To obtain the energy efficiency certificate, an architect or engineer must go to the building, home or premises to be certified to collect data. Next, the technician writes the energy rating report using the official tools of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. Lastly, this report is registered with the regional administration so that it can issue the energy label and certificate.

In Catalonia, the report is registered with the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), the body in charge of reviewing the file and granting the energy label and the energy efficiency certificate. It can be requested at any time and is valid for 10 years.

The Energy Certificate will let us know how efficient and polluting a building is and what actions can be taken to improve it

What will the customer get

The client will obtain an energy label in which their property is classified with a letter, ranging from “A” to “G” based on its energy performance.

He will also obtain the energy certificate signed by an architect where he will be able to learn about some of the measures necessary for an energy improvement.