What is a Reform or Rehabilitation Project

A Reform or Rehabilitation project contains plans and written memory, it may contain a basic health and safety study, waste management study, detailed measurements. The plans of the current state, of the reformed state, dimensions and scale drawings. It also contains graphic memories of elements: carpentry, blacksmithing, furniture and construction details that resolve encounters, singular points, etc.

It serves to propose repairs of construction deficiencies, changes in the distribution for aesthetic or functional reasons, modifications to improve the building energetically.

What does it consist of

A Reform or Rehabilitation project is based on the analysis of the current state and the knowledge of the client’s objectives. Once the previous previous studies have been carried out, the construction details of the proposals, the distributions and the finished proposals are made.

A Reform Project revalues the property, aesthetically, functionally and economically

What will the customer get

The client obtains the precise documentation so that a builder can evaluate the actions and execute them with precision. The client will also have the processing and request for the Building License and a Facultative Direction in the construction phase by an Architect.

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