What is it

An Extension and New Construction project is a document and the acts of inspection of the work that serve to successfully carry out a new construction that will be part of a pre-existing or new construction.

It can be an extension of a building, a rise or extension on other floors, an isolated building, etc.

A new construction on the roof of your house, the construction of an additional floor in the building, a new guest wing in a single-family dwelling or a new house

What does it consist of

The Extension and/or New Construction Project consists of studying the possibilities and capacities of the client to combine them with the physical reality (urban planning, construction) and propose a solution that is viable and satisfactory.

What will the customer get


In the preliminary project phase, proposals are studied and made where the tastes and preferences of the client and the physical possibilities of the construction and the plot are combined. The distributions and volumes adapted to the functional requirements of the client and the urban possibilities of the site are studied.

Basic and executive project

The client obtains a basic and executive project with which to request and compare budgets. This project includes:

Definition plans: construction details, definition of materials and finishes,

The project report explains the intervention in detail, listing the construction systems and their acoustic, thermal and waterproofing performance in accordance with the applicable regulations. Other complementary studies are included, such as the EBSS, the Basic Health and Safety Study, the EGR study on Waste Management, the Manual and Instructions for Use of the building, the Quality Control Plan and the detailed Measurements.

Construction management

Construction management consists of various aspects of supervision:

  • QA
  • Construction management and execution
  • Health and Safety Coordination

The correct execution of the work is controlled in accordance with the client’s project and it is verified that the prescribed materials are used and that they have the appropriate quality and performance. It is also verified that the work is carried out in good safety conditions.

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