Reforma de vivienda en Barcelona

The reform project, an opportunity

With a renovation project you will be able to modify the physical characteristics of a building, premises or house, to give it totally or partially a new distribution and finishes. A renovation is an opportunity to improve where you live or start a new personal project.

Depending on the characteristics to be modified, the reform projects will have more or less technical and constructive complications. Because by renovation we mean both renovating a bathroom and enlarging a house. And it is that, with a reform, it is possible to modify the distribution of a house, premises or building but also to introduce changes in the structure or facades.

To ensure that everything goes well, it is best for an architect from our team to draft the renovation project to suit your needs, optimizing deadlines and costs.

We are in charge of carrying out its reform

KAITEK ARQUITECTURA is made up of architects and engineers with experience in partial or complete building renovations . We take care of:

  1. Design solutions according to your goals , tastes, and needs.
  2. Write the project and document in detail the work to be done.
  3. Find design solutions that serve to increase the heritage value of your home or building.
  4. Make it easy to compare work budgets to get the best deal.
  5. Optimize costs and deadlines for your work.
  6. Manage obtaining building permits .
  7. Check the work for the correct execution of the work and the final quality.

Examples of our work:

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