Proyectos de rehabilitación de edificios

Purpose of rehabilitation projects

Rehabilitation projects are used to restore the performance of those buildings that, due to lack of maintenance or age, do not meet the required levels of comfort, safety or health.

The most common rehabilitation projects are those that restore or improve the performance of the facades , the structure , the common elements , the finishes or installations .

The KAITEK ARCHITECTURE team has extensive experience in drafting rehabilitation projects. We offer a project tailored to your needs, and an optimization of deadlines and costs.

We take care of your rehabilitation

KAITEK ARQUITECTURA is made up of architects and engineers with experience in partial or complete rehabilitation of buildings . We take care of:

  1. Inspect the building for hidden pathologies.
  2. Write the project and document in detail the work to be done.
  3. Optimize building solutions to restore building performance.
  4. Bid for the work, bid for builders, and compare quotes.
  5. Manage building permits and optimize costs and deadlines.
  6. Check the work for the correct execution of the work and the final quality.
  7. Recover the market value of the property.

Rehabilitation project documentation:

A rehabilitation project consists of at least:

  • Plans of the current state of the building.
  • Rehabilitation status definition plans and construction details.
  • Written report justifying the solutions adopted and compliance with current regulations.
  • Measurements and Material Execution Budget.