What is an hourly job?

These types of jobs are invoiced in hours and fractions. Many times we don’t know how much a consulting job can cost since there are many variables and external agents involved that can delay the date and time of completion. For this reason, closed budgets will sometimes be uneconomical.

“When you don’t know when you may need a job, this is the right and most economical option”

What does it consist of?

The client can use this type of work to get advice on a specific topic, support in a specific situation, a visit to a municipal architect in their town hall or to carry out a specific visit.

You can choose which technician you want to do the job: a senior architect or a junior technician. You can also choose the place where you want it developed, it can be in our office or we can move our technicians where the customer chooses.

What will the customer get?

The customer will have a qualified technician who will assist him in whatever is available and will also have the guarantee that he only pays for what he needs. The customer will have a detailed breakdown by fractions of half an hour and with the technicians who have been working on their job. In the breakdown you will also receive the detailed specification of the task and sub-task that has been carried out in each period or fraction.

Examples of hourly jobs