What is an Energy Efficiency Study

In this type of study, different approaches can be taken depending on the purpose of the study. It serves to check the operation of a building. This can be done in the project phase to make a new work or a competition, or in pre-existing buildings to make a rehabilitation.

“The aim of the study can be, from obtaining a Zero Energy Building (NZEB) to improving the solar capture of a skylight”

What does it consist of

We offer different types of services depending on the client’s needs:

  • Climate Study and passive strategies. We study the specific climate of the location and its parameters: humidity, sunshine, temperatures, annual ground temperatures. We assess which type of passive conditioning strategies can be most useful in designing solutions.
  • Study of solar radiation and natural lighting. We check the collecting facades, assess which orientations have the most collecting power, how many Kwh/m2 we can capture in a certain opening.
  • Studies of energy demand and consumption. Once the building or renovation has been designed based on the previous criteria (climate, passive strategy, solar capture criteria) we can dimension the insulation, the watertightness and propose active systems to create annual energy performance models.

What will the customer get

The client gets comprehensive advice and a detailed report that helps you to know rigorously the energy repercussions that the design has on a finished building or the potential improvements of an energy renovation.

Energy Efficiency Study Examples