What is it

Construction Manager is the control of the work from an economic point of view and temporary coordination between the agents (Architect, Promoter, Industrial or Construction)

“Contracting the work through a Construction Manager allows the client to reduce the margins of intermediaries and have better technical control of the work”

What does it consist of

Construction Manager coordinates and promotes compliance with deadlines for all agents based on established contracts. Analyzes the work and performs acts of defects and records the orders given in the work directions. Carries out mediation work between agents in case of conflict and finds viable and fair solutions for the parties.

What will the customer get

Study of the project and measurements. In a phase prior to the work, the start is prepared and it is verified that there is no error or inaccuracy that could cause delays or economic problems in the work. Budget comparisons are made. A detailed study of the budgets received is carried out, meetings are called with the builders and industrialists and, where appropriate, proposals for improvement are made (splitting the contracting by industrialists, organizing the work in phases).

Once it has been decided how the execution of the work will be structured, the work contracts are drawn up for all the agents. During the work, supervision is carried out together with the D.F. and all the agreements, defects to be corrected, are specified in monthly work records. It is periodically supervised and the planning is updated according to the evolution of the work.

Construction Manager Service Examples