What is a Certificate of Seniority

A Certificate of Seniority is the document that is required to register old properties in the property registry that have not been deeded at the time of their construction.

What does it consist of

An inspection and a survey of plans are carried out to surface and know the built reality. Based on the sources of constructive knowledge, the approximate age of the building is assessed and a report is issued. Normally, a georeferencing report must be added since in most cases the object is to register a property in the registry and it is required by the notary.

With the Certificate of Antiquity, the antiquity of a construction will be known to know if an illegality has prescribed or the civil responsibilities of the building that the L.O.E. does not apply.

What will the customer get

The client obtains the necessary documentation to reliably know the age of a property and register their property in the Land Registry.