What is a Seniority Certificate

A Descriptive and Antiquity Certificate is the document required to register in the property register old estates that have not been deeded at the time of their construction. It serves public notaries to have a description of the property and to know if an illegality has been prescribed or if the civil responsibilities of the building marked by the L.O.E.

What does it consist of

An inspection is carried out and a drawing of plans is carried out to measure the surfaces and know the built reality. Based on the sources of constructive knowledge, the approximate age of the building is assessed and a report is issued. It is usually necessary to add a georeferencing report given that in most cases the object is to deed a property in the register and it is enforceable by the notary.

“With the Descriptive and Antiquity Certificate, buildings that were not deeded can be entered in the register”

What will the customer get

Notaries ask their clients for this documentation before deeding buildings. With our service, the client obtains the necessary documentation that includes the age of a property, the surfaces and the description. In this way, you can register your property in the Land Registry.

Seniority Certificates Examples