What is a Certificate of Habitability

The certificate of occupancy is the administrative document that certifies that a home meets the conditions established by the regulations to be used.

The Certificate of Habitability of second occupation is mandatory. Without a certificate, it is not possible to sell or rent a home, except to reform.

It is also necessary to register supplies such as water, electricity or gas.

What does it consist of

To obtain it, an architect must carry out an inspection of the home, draw up a certificate stating that the habitability requirements are met, and register it with the regional administration in charge of issuing it.

In the case of Catalonia, the requirements that homes must meet are established by Decree 141/2012, of October 30, which regulates the minimum conditions of habitability of homes and the certificate of habitability.

It can be requested at any time and is valid for 15 years. The Government of Catalonia must notify its granting or denial within a period of 30 business days from the date of receipt of the request with the complete documentation.

A Certificate of Habitability certifies that a home is habitable

What will the customer get

The client obtains the certificate of habitability signed by an architect and the proof of delivery to the Generalitat shortly after the visit. The definitive identity card is received by email within approximately a month and a half (depending on the availability of the administration).