At Kaitek Arquitectura we improve our clients’ buildings because we firmly believe that people will get an obvious benefit both in their health and in their economy. We base our service on extensive experience and extensive technical knowledge that allows us to achieve the objectives of each job in a solvent manner.


Modernize and popularize the “Architectural Firm” by offering a service of technical quality at the same time as transparency of prices and budgets to clients. Aiming to improve the office’s operating processes at all levels (customer service, production, follow-up, etc.) and to overcome the so-rooted concept of an expensive “artist’s architecture” small business because of its inefficiency and, moreover, incomprehensible to customers.

“We aspire to improve the operating processes of the Architecture Office and popularize quality architecture”

Improve the conditions in which we occupy and inhabit spaces using rationalist approaches, combining basic concepts such as space, natural light and materials from an aesthetic point of view with health, energy efficiency and ecology.

We want to popularize quality architecture, in short, while creating a comfortable working environment for our workers.


Commitment to the client, efficiency and excellence.