Certificado energético

What is the energy certificate?

The Energy Certificate is the document used to qualify buildings based on their energy efficiency. The energy label indicates housing consumption per square meter per year. In this way, the user can compare the energy performance of different homes.

Energy demand, energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Energy demand depends on how well the facades are insulated, the quality of the carpentry, the thermal insulation of floors and roofs, and so on. It also depends on the amount of solar radiation that is received (in winter it is usually positive but in summer negative) and the amount of air that seeps from the outside.

The energy consumption of a home depends on the efficiency offered by energy production facilities and distribution inside the home. That is, they have a good boiler or heat pump and the distribution of heat or cold they produce is not lost when distributed throughout the house.

CO2 emissions are measured in kg / m2 · year, ie the amount of kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted each year divided by the surface of the house. They depend on the type of energy used and are calculated taking into account the energy consumed (for example biomass generates 0 kg of CO2 per kWh, while electricity with the current energy mix generates more CO2 than Natural Gas .

How is the energy certificate obtained?

To obtain the energy certificate , an architect or engineer must go to the building, home or premises to certify and perform a data capture. The technician then writes the energy rating report using the official tools of the Ministry of Industry and Energy. Finally, this report is registered with the regional administration to issue the energy label and certificate.

In Catalonia, the report is registered with the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), the body in charge of reviewing the file and awarding the label and the certificate of energy efficiency . It can be applied for at any time and is valid for 10 years .

Our rates

Our prices for energy certificates around Barcelona and the main towns of the Baix Llobregat , the Maresme , the Vallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental are as follows:

Unifamiliar House

  • Visit and data collection
  • Energy rating
  • Registration with the administration

A single house

  • Visit and data collection
  • Energy rating
  • Registration with the administration

Prices without VAT or administrative fees.

Rate Notes

  • Single dwelling. Rates are valid for apartments up to 80 m2. An increase of € 0.5 / m2 will be applied for excess area.
  • Single-family home. Rates for single-family homes up to 120 m2. An increase of € 0.5 / m2 will be applied for excess area.


We apply a 20% discount if you jointly order the Energy Efficiency Certificate and the Certificate of Habitability.

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