What is a pre-purchase inspection

The Pre-Purchase Inspection is a review of a property that the client intends to buy. The inspection by a qualified technician in construction pathologies and urban legality allows you to obtain valuable information that can affect the value of the property.

The objective of the Pre-Purchase Inspection is to have an understanding of the situation of the property so as not to overpay, negotiate with the seller and know what repairs may be needed

What does it consist of

Prior to the inspection, in the office we collect information in the public databases, cadastre, urban information and the deeds provided by the client. Then our technician makes a visit to know the constructive state of the property. Finally, if requested, a report is issued.

What will the customer get

The client will have a broad view from an architect of the possible constructive constraints (possible pathologies, repairs) that can determine a subsequent cost or can be used to negotiate the price of the property. He will also receive urban information on the property to find out if it has any affectation (non-conforming volume, out of order) and possible irregularities (buildings built without a license, etc.)