We have carried out the project and construction management of a hairdresser in Esplugues del Llobregat. The result has been very satisfactory and the management of the work has kept costs under control at all times.

Pre-existence of the premises and customers

The place is located in the province of Barcelona, in an area of Esplugues that borders Cornellà. It is a very long place with little light, with a narrow facade in front and a very small patio behind. These characteristics make up the main handicap of the venue.

Customers want to use materials in a contemporary style, with pleasant textures and colors, that are not very expensive. There is also the desire to create spaces that give the feeling of being open and communicated while allowing privacy in certain areas.


Project and work


At KAITEK ARQUITECTURA, the project to reform a premises or a home, is always focused on solving problems and wills identified in the initial analysis of preexistence:

The tube effect

In this case we resolved that feeling of being in a space-tube that caused the length of the premises by emphasizing some pre-existing elements in it: the concrete beams. In this way we had the space set by a more or less homogeneous rhythm that gave it a more pleasant scale.


A slatted wooden wall runs through the entire premises from the back to the entrance. It curves to house some rooms of the same and at the end it makes a volumetric game at the entrance.

“Authentic” and textured materials

Exposed concrete is used in the “central cube”, which is built using concrete blocks. This “central” cube is composed by making a checkerboard that will serve to put lighting in its holes and decorative elements such as hanging plants

The result is a place with a very economical, austere interior design and at the same time with a contemporary style.

Construction management

To successfully carry out a project (in terms of aesthetic results, technical quality and budget), a efficient construction management : in which there is knowledge of the project that allows finding alternative materials or ideas according to the initial will. In this phase, the request and explanation of the project was made to the industrialists (bricklayer, carpenter, air conditioning and ventilation air installer) comparison of budgets, contracting (a good contract is a guarantee of a job well done and delivered on time) and the management of the industrialists during the work (calls, coordination, etc.). For example, in this case, the wood tracing system was modified, which was too expensive (around € 100 / m2) for an OSB cladding (35 € / m2)