A contest of the Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona

The works tendered in the contest consists of the Technical Inspection of the buildings surrounding the Abaceria market, located in the Gràcia district. This market has been demolished and it is planned to build a deep foundation in the new building.

The technical inspections of the 26 buildings will be carried out to determine deficiencies and constructive risks in all the buildings. For this reason, a preliminary search will be carried out in the historical archives to find out the structures and construction characteristics of the buildings and later an inventory and analysis of all the pathologies will be carried out. Finally, reports will be drawn up in which all the relevant information and conclusions are collected.

What has the IMMB rated in our proposal

As stated in the award announcement, the extensive experience we have in carrying out ITE (building inspections) allows us to know and anticipate the possible errors that can occur in this type of work. The jury in charge of awarding the task has given a very positive assessment of the risk assessment and the proposals for improvement in the work methodology of the inspections. The jury also considered very positive the ability to propose modern tools and techniques for a correct and safe data collection.

The jury considers very good proposals: Proposal for the implementation of a monitoring and control system for the main fissures affected during the second phase. Improvement of the proposed technical team: project manager, field technician manager, 2 field technicians, 2 external technicians specializing in structures and energy efficiency.