General description of the building

After carrying out the relevant inspections , we have observed that the building in which the housing object of the reform is located is a building between party walls whose The structure is made of load-bearing walls and unidirectional slabs with spans around 5m, apparently made of reinforced concrete joists and ceramic vaults. On the ground floor, with use of parking, the structure practically over the entire surface except for the staircase nucleus and dividing walls is structurally detached with some metal frames made of HEB columns and IPN beams. It has use of parking on the ground floor and in height there are 3 standard floors and an attic (object of this project) for housing use.

Project object

The project aims to carry out a reform action in an old apartment to adapt it to more modern needs and benefits. Open kitchen, fewer and more spacious rooms, reduction of corridors, and new materials and facilities.


Description of the project and works

The works to be carried out will be: adaptation of pre-existing facilities to current services. A redistribution of the day area is carried out, the kitchen opens the corridor through an opening to the pre-existing load-bearing wall, a wall is placed blocking the pre-existing opening of the hall in the living room. In the night area the two bedroom rooms are unified into one. In the room next to the entrance, a much larger doorway opens and will serve as a study. The shoring intervention will be carried out using a UPN metal structure.

2016-02-09 10.31.04

The reform will adapt the pre-existing functional program to new needs. The result will be a house distributed in: a large bedroom, a study room, a living room and an open kitchen with a dining space.