The building inspection

In the inspection of the building we appreciate that the building is delimited by a main facade on Calle San Gabriel, a rear facade, a dividing wall in direct contact to each side and a sloping main roof

It has an interior light patio that runs through all the floors of the building from the mezzanine floor to the attic floor. The building has 2 rear patios on a flat walkable roof.

There is a ventilated patio covered by a sloping roof. The ground floor is for commercial or warehouse use and the rest of the floors are for residential use only.


The environment, background of the building

It is a building built in 1970, located in the Roses Castellbell neighborhood of Sant Feliu de Llobregat. It consists of a ground floor and three upper floors for housing. The building has four homes per floor, leaving a total of twenty-one entities.

The building (structure, envelope, facilities, etc.)

The vertical structure

The vertical structure of the building is composed of a load-bearing wall structure, probably made of perforated brick masonry.

The horizontal structure

It is made up of precast concrete beam floors with flat ceramic caissons plastered below.

The envelope

The building’s main facade is approximately 30 centimeters thick, probably made of two sheets of ceramic masonry, without thermal insulation. It has a monolayer mortar finish on the ground floors and a stone cladding on the ground floor.

Rear façade approximately 30 centimeters thick, probably made of two sheets of ceramic masonry, without thermal insulation. It has a monolayer mortar finish.

Exposed dividing wall, probably approximately 15 centimeters thick, of a sheet of ceramic masonry. It does not have a storm partition.

Party wall in direct contact with the confronted building, probably about 15 centimeters thick, without thermal insulation. It has a freshly plastered and painted interior.

Interior patio of lights, delimited by facades approximately 15 centimeters thick with a plastered and painted finish. It has a flat, passable roof on the ground floor, with a ceramic tile finish, which drains through a drain located in the center of the patio.

Sloping roof on sloping concrete slab, probably without thermal insulation and finished with ceramic tiles. Drainage through a gutter located on the lower perimeter of the skirt that apparently channels the water to a mixed downspout.

Floor in direct contact with the ground, probably of mass concrete. It has a top finish layer of glazed ceramic tile on its entire surface.

The facilities

Generally, the air conditioning installation of the building is individual, most have electric radiators. The heating of domestic hot water is carried out in most floors with accumulator heaters that heat the water by means of an electrical resistance.

The electricity supply system has individual meters on each floor.

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