The local that this time we have turned into a home is located in the Sants neighborhood. For this we have carried out a reform that complies with the regulations for usage changes and also make the most of spaces. We find a low of a few dimensions, with a backyard of acceptable dimensions. One of the main drawbacks in the ground floor that is converted into a dwelling is the direct relationship established between the dwelling and the immediate public space: the sidewalk and the street. This relationship is a priori very direct and greatly compromises the privacy and acoustic comfort of the apartment.


Take advantage of the patio light and not obstruct the views of the room towards the interior patio. In this way, the floor will enhance the spaciousness and natural light. With this strategy, the house will be able to renounce the direct opening to the street when it is convenient and we will solve the privacy problem that can be having the living room next to the sidewalk of the street. The patio will be an outdoor space in which vegetation will abound. It will constitute a pleasant escape from the interior spaces towards a domesticated exterior. The patio will have flowerpots, wood to make it pleasant to walk without shoes, a small fruit tree will be planted.


The house has the following functional program: a bedroom that can be divided into two in the future, a kitchen and a bathroom, and a living-dining room.

In order not to lose spaces in steps, the rooms are projected to the rear and the living room and kitchen are made to function as a space for distribution and circulation. In this renovation project the sink is placed in a corner already It does not affect the visuals between the patio and the living room. In addition, this sink space is composed as a low block, and taking advantage of the height of the room, it allows the ceiling to be seen continuously from end to end of the house. This makes us perceive the continuous and wide spaces at the same time that they are separated. The washbasin piece, split in two (the toilet can be closed with a slide) will allow flexible use and will serve as a house cleaning service and a bedroom bathroom.