Constructing a building well, specifically in rehabilitation work, not only serves to make it last longer, to spend less or not have leaks. There are several factors that, in a rehabilitation or reform work, can influence the well-being and health of its occupants, here are some of them:

  1. Adequate ventilation
  2. The presence of fungi on the surfaces, due to condensation
  3. Radon


As we already explained in this article , this is a fundamental aspect in the design household. Ventilation in a home provides the renewed air necessary to breathe in good conditions. Human pathologies related to the ventilation of homes are associated with three fundamental aspects such as the presence of pathogens (mites, bacteria, etc.), gases or harmful particles (NO2, CO, CO2, dust, volatile particles resulting from combustion hydrocarbons, etc.) and environmental humidity.

With an adequate ventilation system (dual-flow ventilation with heat recovery and filters), optimal air can be achieved for the health of the inhabitants of the house since we can control not only the humidity but also the amount of CO2 (from the respiration of the inhabitants for example) but to filter the particles that may contain allergens or agents that are harmful to health. For example, in a house on a busy street with cars, filter harmful particles from combustion.

The fungi on the surfaces

Breathing in environments with the presence of fungi or mold is associated with respiratory diseases. Fungi or mold appear on interior surfaces where there is moisture, which is generally condensation, either interstitial or superficial. In the corners of the ceilings, behind the cabinets, inside the air chambers in the walls, under the parquet.

Most of the time, associated with condensation, is poor construction insulation of the home or the existence of significant thermal bridges in the envelope.


Radon is a natural radioactive gas that appears bound to granite soils. More information can be found in this article of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. The floors of the houses that sit directly on the ground are permeable to these types of gases that emanate from the subsoil. For this reason, in Galicia, it is mandatory to make floors with a ventilated lower chamber that serves to evacuate these gases with external ventilation and that they do not enter the house.

What can we do?

In KAITEK ARQUITECTURA we can study the construction defects of your house and carry out the project and work so that your home is completely healthy.

What kind of project do you need? that depends on each specific case. If contact with us an architect can make a visit and study your home to assess what is best for you . These are some of the projects and works that we can carry out in your home for your health and that of your loved ones:

Project of energy rehabilitation, study of pathologies that cause humidity, projects of controlled ventilation with filters and heat recovery units, control of the tightness of the enclosure.