As I have commented in previous articles, the objective that the legislator persecutes to oblige to exhibit the Certificat d’Efficiència Energètica dels habitatges i locals in publishing an advertisement of sale or lloguer is to establish a new factor to the real estate valuation, which He trusts that the market’s own dynamics will boost the number of buildings in the park from an environmental point of view. Part of the assumption that, to better energy efficiency of the real estate, the buyers and tenants will be willing to disburse a greater quantity of diners for them and that, per tant, both the projects of new construction and the rehabilitation of private buildings will pursue The objective of reducing energy consumption. By reducing energy consumption, it also reduces CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, at a time that the economy of citizens is millions in as much as they free up income at the moment destined to the energy bill, while at the country level it reduces dependence exterior i is million the balance of payments. In short, it is promoting that economic activity, in its own dynamic sense and sense of revolutionary plans, contributes positively to particular levels as generals.

The món com el coneixem is the result of molts factors that is combined in the daily evolution. The social organization, the patterns of behavior, the legislative framework and the ethics defineixen a determinative model of society, which, based on the seus parameters, will approximate more or less to an ideal of justice. In order to pursue a just society, it is essential that the legislative framework has a definite will aimed at assuming this paradigm, and demands that a citizen’s ethically commit to humanistic values. In this sentit, I agree that the entire company always records the social responsibility of the seva activitat and is to reconsider the reach that it intends to leave the society in what it is developing. Això is something that personally, as a city and as a professional, worries me and for això I celebrate that there are initiatives that, due to being prenyades d’etica, contribute to a social benefit in some of the areas that affect it. As I have commented previously, the energy efficiency of the buildings contributes a series of transversal benefits to the society, which is why I am glad that a financial entity has created that offers different financing conditions for the habitations based on the energy qualification of the events. Això is the one that offers, at the moment, Triodos Bank, which charges different interest depending on whether the habitat that is to buy has obtained an A or a G in the energy certificate. Això is a country endavant because of the legislative objective s’assoleixi.

Finally, one reflected that links to the title de l’article. If there is a financial entity that contributes, both with several mortgages, to promote energy efficiency, wouldn’t a mortgage loan be convenient for, among other things, to reduce energy consumption?