To obtain the energy certificate you need a technician to make an evaluation of the house to be certified. What is done is evaluate all the factors that intervene in the energy demand and the final energy consumption of the home. Without going into too much detail, the factors involved in energy demand are location (climate), orientation (solar radiation, winds), environment < / strong> (projected shadows from neighboring buildings), and the constructive characteristics of the building (insulation of the facades and roofs, type of windows and glazing, blinds and solar protections, etc.). For the same demand, consumption will depend on the type and performance of the installations : a standard boiler yields up to 90%, while a condensing boiler does so at 110%.

This certificate is mandatory to rent and sell homes in Spain since June, by a Royal Decree that what it does is adapt a community directive that seeks to promote energy efficiency of buildings and the reduction of CO2 emissions derived from their use. The way to achieve this is not by forcing the owners to carry out works but by incorporating energy efficiency as an element of real estate valuation on a mandatory basis and making efficiency an element demanded by buyers and tenants.

The procedure is the next:

We set a day for inspection and data collection. We make the energy rating with the official tool. As soon as it is done, we propose measures to improve the energy performance of the home, we write the rating report and register it with the official body. In a period of between two days and a week we receive the energy label and we send it to you immediately (it is a PDF with an official registration number).