To carry out a reform, be it the comprehensive reform of a flat or reform something minor , it is best to understand that different agents will participate in the work . On the one hand, the developer or owner , who is the one who has to set the program of needs and the objectives to be pursued with the reform. On the other hand, the designer , who must have the qualification established by the Building Planning Law (LOE) and who, generally, will be a architect . And lastly, the contractor or builder .

The first step that the owner must take is to set the objectives, the limit budget for the renovation and find an architect. With the architect, the developer will be able to understand the scope of the work to be carried out and its viability, in addition to receiving a offer of services and professional fees for the intervention of the technician in the project.

From that moment on, the technician will draft the architecture project to carry out a reform adapted to the needs and tastes of the client . The project will collect the constructive, technical, aesthetic and regulatory characteristics of the reform, the quality of the materials used, the safety conditions that must be met in the work and will define with precision each one of the works to be carried out through the state of measurements . In addition, the project specifications also establish the recommendations for contracting the work and accepting the works.

Once the project is defined, the steps to obtain the construction permits begin. At the same time, the developer may request estimates from various builders, to obtain different offers to carry out the work. Since all builders will be budgeting for the same measurements, the owner will have the security of being able to compare prices for the same jobs. In the case of owners who have little time, or those who prefer to delegate the tender for the work to a professional, there is the possibility of contracting construction management services or “construction management” , so that they have a single interlocutor throughout the promotion.

Finally, once the different offers for the execution of the construction works have been compared, it is advisable to draw up a work contract that includes the terms of the order, the execution deadlines and the payment conditions, so that during the development of the works misunderstandings and surprises are minimized.

The works will also be supervised by the corresponding technicians according to the LOE. In simple renovations it may be carried out exclusively by an architect, and in larger works a surveyor must participate in addition to the architect.

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