Habitatge after August 11, 1984

  • Amb cèdula d’habitabilitat: Aquest is the most senzill house , s’obtindrà la cèdula Presentant els models de sol.licitud and standard certificat of the departament d’habitatge (model RE565), on is farà reference to the number of the certificate of habitation expired granted by the generalitat
  • Sense cèdula d’habitabilitat: The procedure to follow is to obtain a certificate of eligibility of the conditions of habitation in force on the date of completion of the construction and the current solidity and security conditions i a sol.licitud (imprés RE566). To accredit the antiquity it is a priority to provide the “responsible declaration of antiquity” and they are also admitted alternatively other documents admitted in dret (scripts, cadastral certificate, etc.)

Habitatge before August 11, 1984

  • Ambient certificate of habitation: Complementing the Model RE565 which consists of a certificate of habitation in which it is justified the compliance with the decree on the date of creation of the habitation and is realization of the sun. Identity license. You must also provide the expired ID number in that printed page.
  • Sense cèdula d’habitabilitat: In this case, the only document that can be used to accredit the old habitat will be the “responsible declaration of the old habitat” according to the informative circular number 6 of the Agency de l’Habitatge de Catalunya

Habitatge creat in a large rehabilitation or habitatge nou

This case is more complex than the previous ones and it deserved special attention. In this website it is not recullen in cap cases the rates or honoraris for those cases. The procedure to follow is always mitjançant the steps of the first occupancy certificate: the sun models, license and standard certificate of the housing department (model RE480 and model RE582), the communication prior to the occupation of the habitation To municipal institutions or first occupation license, it is also mandatory to provide annexes A and B of the CTE.