On May 27, 2015, the new ITE decree that regulates the obligation to carry out technical inspections in buildings came into force.

You can download the regulations here:

The most notable novelties are:

  • Single-family homes will be required to pass the inspection except in the case where the building is separated 1.5 or more meters from the public road.
  • The range of qualification of the deficiencies is widened, going from 3 to 4 possible states of the pathologies of the building: 1. Very serious; 2.Severe; 3. Important; 4. Mild. The novelty is the state of the building with significant deficiencies.
  • The report will have a more extensive content since it should incorporate recommendations for sustainability and eco-efficiency, the assessment of accessibility conditions and a recommendation for its improvement with viable interventions, as well as maintenance and conservation operations < / li>
  • The aptitude certificate will have a different validity in each case. Depending on how the deficiencies are classified in the ITE report, the aptitude certificate will expire after three years and will be classified as “precautionary suitable” in the case of buildings with serious or very serious injuries. In case of having pathologies valued as important, the building will be classified as “provisionally suitable” and will expire after six years. For all other cases, with buildings with mild or no pathologies, the building will be classified as “suitable” and the certificate of aptitude will be valid for ten years.
  • Every two years a technical verification will be required by a qualified technical professional to examine the pathologies and verify that they have not deteriorated, passing to a worse qualification stage.
  • If the aptitude certificate must be approved a Rehabilitation Program that includes a reserve fund that guarantees the execution of all defects. It will be allowed to carry out the execution of the works in phases.
  • The building book for existing buildings will be mandatory, with the content detailed in article 23 of the decree: a) The instructions or recommendation for the use and maintenance of the building and its installations; b) The file of documents c) The record of incidents

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