There is a very common question that technicians ask us when we are planning a reform or rehabilitation of a building. Where can I put the outdoor air conditioning machine? Why can’t I put it on the balcony? Why can’t I put it on top of the access door?

Here are some ordinances that can influence these design criteria:

Barcelona Environment Ordinance

The “rarefied air” can be evacuated to the façade or at a different temperature from the room provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. That the air outlet velocities are greater than or equal to 1 m / s and equal to 4 m / s. That the residual velocities of that air are 0.5 m / s and the thermal jump less than 5ºC in relation to the ambient temperature, measured at any point less than 50 cm from any practicable opening or less than 2 meters from the height of the ground or from the sidewalk, if it is passable.
  2. If the above cannot be met, the air evacuation will be carried out through the roof of the building (at a height of 1 meter from any building that is at a horizontal distance of less than 10 m)

Barcelona Urban Landscape Ordinance

The heritage department, or the licensing department, is competent to deny a license because the works project that we present has the air conditioning without being integrated into the architectural elements of the building. Even if the building is listed, it may force it to be installed in hidden areas intended for the purpose of housing facilities.