On June 25, the call for rehabilitation aid was opened. The bases have been published in the DOGC . They are basically intended for Communities of Owners for the rehabilitation focused on sustainability and energy saving, and the constructive conservation of the building including its facilities and to promote the improvement of accessibility.

If you cannot reach this call, at KAITEK ARQUITECTURA we will prepare all the documentation for the next one

The most important requirements to be met are:

  1. They can be single-family or multi-family dwelling buildings. Built before 1996 if the actions are for conservation (structure, etc.) and prior to 2007 for actions to improve or preserve facades, roofs, floors, etc. that provide an improvement in energy efficiency and sustainability.
  2. The majority of the entities of the building have to be allocated to housing in a 70%, excluding the ground floors.
  3. Almentos 50% of the houses have to be dedicated to the habitual residence. For example, a building exclusively for tourist flats is not worth it.
  4. Have the IITE, the Building Technical Inspection Report, with an inspection date prior to the start of the rehabilitation works
  5. Have the CEE completed by the Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN), with the corresponding energy label. Energy Efficiency Certificate with the energy rating label.
  6. The project for the actions to be carried out
  7. Municipal building permit
EXTRACTO ayudas rehabilitacion ite documentacion tec

Technical documentation to provide with the aid application [/ caption]

The term

From 06/26/2018 to 07/31/2018 the application reception period opens. They can be requested online or at the local housing offices of the Generalitat. Look for the housing office here .

What actions are subsidized

As we have explained previously, the subsidies are divided into two groups or lines: line 1 “promoting the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability” and line 2 “promoting the conservation of the improvement of the safety of use and accessibility”

LINE 1. Improvement of energy efficiency

  1. Improvement of the thermal envelope: Increase of thermal insulation of facades, carpentry, roofs, floors, dividing walls, etc. This will involve redoing the finishes and even changing the construction systems.
  2. Improvement of the efficiency of thermal installations (change of atmospheric boilers by condensation, installation of heat pumps with high energy efficiency, systems for saving water consumption with reuse of rainwater, installation of charging points for electric vehicles …)

LINE 2. Improvement of the building’s conservation and accessibility


  1. Structures
  2. Envelope: Facades, carpentry, roofs, floors, dividing walls, etc.


  1. Installation of elevators
  2. Installations of other mechanical systems
  3. Creation of accessible ramps
  4. Installation of railings or improvement of mechanisms (knobs, intercoms, etc.)

Amount of aid

  • For energy efficiency and sustainability improvements, the amount of aid cannot be more than 40% of the total budget. With a cap of € 3,000 for each home.
  • For foundation and structure conservation improvements there is a maximum of 40% of the total budget with a ceiling of € 3,000 for each home. For conservation works of the envelope (facades, roofs, etc.) there is a maximum of 30% of the total budget with a ceiling of € 3,000 for each home.
  • For accessibility improvements, the protectable budget ceiling is 40% of the total budget for the work and a maximum of € 4,000 for each home.

How do I start the procedures

Contact ITE arquitectes so that we can inform you and carry out all the procedures, you will save time and money. Below we attach the application form for the grants and this is the Form Complete grant application form

[caption id="attachment_651" align="alignnone" width="1240"]EXTRACTO ayudas rehabilitacion ite documentacion solicitud Official application form for aid for the rehabilitation of buildings