The spaces and the intention of the project

The intention of the project is to bring natural light and dignify the materials antiques in this old flat in Barcelona’s Eixample

The reform consists of updating the distribution and the materials of a typical flat in the expansion area with very little light and very compartmentalized. To illuminate the interior parts of the large living room space with natural light , we will open a flat skylight on the roof, taking advantage of the fact that it is an attic with the exclusive use of the roof.

Structural interventions of structural shoring are carried out to open spaces. From the design phase, efforts have been made to make the visuals between spaces more profound. In this way we perceive the maximum amplitude of the floor from many perspectives.

Los materiales

The living room, dining room and study space is treated as an open space in which a beautiful natural oak parquet with a wide plank forms the floor and gives continuity to all the rooms. This parquet has a very pleasant texture , it has a very intense warm color that contrasts with the rest of the walls.

In this work of reform, the white color gives unity to the entire intervention. White unifies all the different textures in the ceilings (with vibrant rasilla vaults without plastering views that form the floor), the thick smooth plastered walls, the furniture with hidden handles and a white glossy finish.