Advantages and objectives of the construction system

For this single-family house that we built in the Maresme, we wanted to reach some standards of quality and constructive efficiency that cannot be achieved with a traditional system without a very exhaustive work control. Building with an industrialized system allows:

The thermally insulated precast concrete wall system

The precast concrete panel thermally insulated allows to have an envelope thermal practically finished in less than 3 weeks. The advantage it has is that the reinforced concrete load-bearing panel will be thermally insulated, in this way it will be protected from inclement weather and temperature changes that cause the structures to deteriorate. The thermally insulated concrete panel on the outside has a much higher durability.

The layout of the house

In the project for the design of this precast concrete house in the Costa del Maresme, in Barcelona KAITEK ARQUITECTURA wanted to emphasize the spectacular views of the plot of the sea, through a covered porch that runs through the room to be. This porch also serves to optimize solar capture and that the thermal gains are the maximum in winter.

The finishes and materials

The house has finishes with solid natural oak floors, porcelain stoneware tiles in the bathrooms, double glass and 3 + 3/16/4 + 4 carpentry with low-emission chamber and 5-chamber frames with thermal reinforcement . The heating system is also a underfloor heating throughout the house, that makes it very comfortable in winter.

It is a house built to be thermally efficient since it has a very insulated thermal envelope and a controlled tightness in the carpentry. It also has a dual-flow ventilation that allows air to be filtered and avoid respiratory problems in its inhabitants. All this makes it highly energy efficient.