Divendres passat vaig carry out the energy efficiency certificate for a single-family habitat that, due to Bigues i Riells, gaudeix d’unes impressive dresses of the city of Barcelona . Those who live in towns around the metropolitan area are used to seeing the city from a distance, and they know that it is not always the same. Succeeix that, depending on the weather, there is a greater or lesser presence of the number of CO2 than that of copperix usually.

Those who have the provision of the energy efficiency certificate have been able to verify that in the qualification of the habitat, the building or the premises appear two columns. In one d’elles it is considered the final consumption of the habitat per unitat of surface and any, in the higher the CO2 emissions in those mateixos termes unitaris. You have to assess these two questions because one thing is the energy demand of the habitat (the heat that it provides to achieve comfort levels) and, an increase, the performance of I installed them • lacions and the contamination that produced the source of energy used. In this case, the objective that pursues the RD 235/2013 is to reduce the CO2 emissions derived from the energy consumption of the habitats and, per això, the obligatory disposition of the energy qualification in the offers of sale or lloguer . Because it is produeixi the canvi has to have awareness and will, and because it has made awareness and will to connect.

It faces in trobem in a period of transition, but the obligation of disposing of the certification will contribute to the prey of conscience on the part of the buyers or tenants on the virtues of the habitats that disposition of a good qualification energetic. Among them, a lower amount of weight in the energy supply for heating, which at the end will contribute to the fact that the energy factor followed one more element of valuation of the habitats. People will prefer habitats that consume little energy , which will translate into more value for efficient habitats and menys for those who do not follow, so much in the preu dels lloguers com for sale. The rehabilitations of the existing habitat park will have each flood in greater consideration that fetus and our three habitats will end up contaminating menys . Not because of an ethical or environmental commitment reason, which would be convenient to acquire, but from the sum of the private interests of the users and the competition between the property owners or promoters to offer the product that is more than ‘I adapted to the demand. So that we can conclude that, at the same time, the air of our three cities will be more net thanks to the decree that establishes the obligation to certify the buildings energetically. Quelcom, which also provides other benefits in terms of social and economic sustainability, but there is still another article.

Sergi sanz

Final note. The energy demand of the habitat that serves to introduce this article is high as a consequence of not having a thermal cap type. In addition, an inefficient energy installation was completed, consisting of a diesel boiler, which in sum entails obtaining a G qualification in the two important aspects (CO2 and energy demand). The habitat, of 270 m2 useful, produces an annual supply of € 4,200 of fossil fuel. The report proposes a simple solution to enforce the habitat that will allow to establish 75% of the energy and CO2 emissions , which would lead to a reduction in the annual bill. als € 1,050. Only in this measure, in addition, the qualification would donate a salt of 3 to three points to the D to the energy demand, and of two in the CO2 emissions, which in the case of changing the boiler for one of biomass will pass to dispose of the highest energy qualification, A.