But it was obtained from the cèdula d’habitabilitat s’ha de Comply with the corresponding Decrets and their requirements, one d’aquests established the calculation of the maximum occupancy of the habitat. If you want to exemplify a habitat between mitgeres of 110 square meters (vegeu the lower image of the floor), both the living room and a single room (illuminated and ventilated naturally) exterior space and 6 interior rooms, sense finestres nor artificial ventilation.

Plant habitatge certificate habitability occupation

Occupation according to Decree 55/2009 (derogat) 

According to this decree, the calculated occupation (with the formula useful surfaces = 8 + 8N) would be 12 people. Tot i classify the central rooms with AP (other fish) for occupancy effects, these compute. The occupation is calculated solely on the basis of the useful surface.

Occupation according to Decree 144/2012

According to this decree l’occupació s’hauria to calculate based on the name of rooms classificades com a tal: H i the surface of each cradle. Per tant in the exemple house, in which you only have a room of 14 square meters with a maximum occupancy of 3 people.


In a first prey of contact with this nou decret to be able to give an approximate assessment of what the calculation of occupancy in the architecture and the social repercussions of the house assumes.

It is logical that, if a decree limits the classification as a room only to the fish that have finestres to outside space, it is considered essential for the habitability that the space habitable by the people has to have light and natural ventilation, it is a contrasentit that at the time of compting the occupation itself is tingui en compte tots els espais inclosos on the useful surface. It is evident that an occupation of 12 people in a single room of 14 square meters is excessive. If the cèdula d’habitabilitat is a document that certifies that a dwelling is habitable by a certain number of people, evidently, both in this method of calculation of occupancy, it is evident that the cèdula, sota els parametres del decret 55/2009 , it is a useless document.

Així mateix, in the decret 144/2012 , by ignoring the total useful surface It has also obviated the surface of the living area to the detriment of the flexibility, so you only have to see the surface of the rooms to complete the occupancy. In this way, if you have a space of 100 square meters (a popular “loft”) and you sense compartmentalization of fish or both fish less than 5 m2, you can only have an occupancy of 2 people (according to the decree: 2 people in habitatges sense rooms or only in common space ). Per a bé or per mal is deixen fora de la legalitat les forms of non-traditional life, l’ús d’aquest typus de vivedes is limited only to a parella fins the moment in which you have descent or decide to have a trio.

If more, it is not strange that a decree to an altre (from a legislature to an altra) the maximum occupancy of a mateix habitatge has decreased from 12 to 3 people.

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