We have once again made another inspection in Sant Adrià del Besòs . Why do they hire us so much in Sant Adrià? Is it because we have the best prices? Why are we the fastest? We want to think that it is because we are very nice. Find out for yourself by consulting our rates and ordering the ITE from us:


Sant Adrià del Besòs is a municipality that we like, such as Cornellà de Llobregat or Hospitalet. It has life in the bars, the stores work, and not all the premises are designed to the millimeter by an evil interior designer. There is room for the unexpected and the tacky. It has neighborhoods of housing estates with a high population density that make the public space much more traveled. Although this also has its bad things, we have grown up in these neighborhoods and we like it.

The inspection

The inspection has been carried out easily around an hour and a half in duration, only 8 neighbors means more or less 10 minutes per neighbor.

Environment and background

The building is on Calle Fermí Borràs. This area where we do the inspection is near the Besós.


The building

The building was built in 1962, it could have aluminosis, the alarms go off when we find a building from the 50s – 70s, but in this case there is nothing to worry about. The president of the neighborhood community shows us the certificates and tests of a laboratory that did the tests for aluminosis. So the concrete of the ceilings does not have aluminosis.

The building has 2 houses per floor and a central communication nucleus. It is accessed through a lobby on the main street.

The structure

The vertical structure is made of reinforced concrete pillars and perforated brick load-bearing walls. The horizontal structure consists of prestressed concrete joist floors, concrete caissons and edge girders and reinforced concrete plans. The foundation is assumed to be made of H.A. and insulated footings of H.A.

The envelope

The facades are walls around 30 cm, with two leaves: the exterior ones made of perforated brick and the interior ones of “tochana”, with an air chamber of around 5 cm. Most likely without thermal insulation. The roof is a “Catalan” terrace with a rasilla finish and on partitions that form a well-ventilated air chamber. The dividing walls are hidden and are supposed to be made of double hollow brick, at some points where they are uncovered they are protected by a brick wall with holes to allow the chamber to ventilate. The soils in contact with the ground probably do not have drainage or waterproofing, they are made up of concrete slabs.

The facilities

The electricity installation has separate, non-centralized meters in each of the entities. The sanitation has been renovated and the old fiber cement downspouts and collectors have recently been replaced by PVC ducts. In general at the level of air conditioning, the entire installation is exclusive and most are aluminum radiators with a natural gas boiler. Many neighbors have a condensing boiler.

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