Sant Just Desvern is a municipality adjacent to Sant Feliu de Llobregat, where we currently have our offices and it is always a pleasure to work so close to home.

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The inspection

The ITE that we have carried out this time is located on Major Street and it is a single-family house. Normally, in most cases, we carry out technical inspections of multi-family housing buildings, blocks of flats, but according to the Decret 67/2015 which is the one that regulates the ITEs when the single-family houses are less than 1.5 meters from the public highway, they have the obligation to pass the inspection.


The environment and background

Sant Just Desvern is touching Collserola, it is a small urban nucleus with around 18,000 inhabitants between Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí and Esplugues de Llobregat. Its neighborhoods have been formed from the growth of a small historical nucleus, unlike Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Cornellà, it did not have an exponential growth in the 60s – 70s due to regional population movements; It has new neighborhoods and neighborhoods from the 80s formed by single-family and multi-family houses with few floors that make up low-density fabrics. The population of Sant Just has a medium-high economic level.

The building

It is a building with a facade that borders the street and located on a long and narrow plot. It has a width of around 5 m, a pleasant back garden and is two stories high.

The structure

The vertical structure is formed by the two party walls in contact with the neighbors that are built with solid brick of approximately 14 cm. The horizontal structure is unidirectional by means of reinforced concrete beam slabs and curved inter-beams plastered at the bottom, probably made with ceramic scraper. The foundation has not been appreciated but it will probably be made of continuous stone footings or solid brick itself.

The envelope

It has double glazed carpentry and wooden frames.

The roof is sloping with a tile finish, its structure is made by means of a slab of beams and a ceramic inter-beam with flat pieces of rasilla, under the roof skirts there is a permanently ventilated space.

The facades are made of a solid brick exterior sheet plastered with cement on the outside, on the inside, in a recent reform and to solve the problems of condensations a solution was made with plasterboard lining that allowed the incorporation of insulation in the facade . This action, according to what the owners tell us, made them lower their electricity bill a lot, which was not expected.

The soils in contact with the ground are formed by an apparently reinforced concrete slab with a base of draining gravel. This construction typology can be appreciated in the garden.

The dividing walls are made of solid brick of approximately 14 cm and are in contact with the neighbors, in the part that they are seen a rain partition has been built with a metallic finish of the ventilated façade typology, with rock wool insulation.

The facilities

It has photovoltaic solar panels that produce part of the energy necessary for the operation of the heat pump.

The air conditioning is carried out by means of a heat pump (aerothermal) that produces heat or cold, located on the roof of the building. The heat distribution is carried out through hydraulic conduits to the interior fan coils from which air-conditioned air is distributed through conduits made with “net climaver”.

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