If you have lost your identity card or have not had the document but your home has a valid identity card, do not worry. By means of the property deed and the DNI the owner can request a duplicate of the habitability certificate. If the owner cannot do the procedure personally, you can make an authorization by delegating it to the person you want.

cedula habitabilitatIn these addresses you can request the duplicate of the ID:

  • In Barcelona: C / Aragó 244-248. 08007 Barcelona. Telèfon 93 214 70 00. Fax 93 495 82 08
  • In Tarragona: Carrer Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, 12-14. 43005 Tarragona.Telèfon 977 24 70 36

You can call 012 to request information on any issue related to the occupancy certificate.

The duplicate of the identity card is requested in the agency of the Department of Habitat and normally they deliver it at the moment.

If you prefer to opt for comfort, save queues and procedures contact us so that we can carry out all the management.