If we want to know if we are obliged to pass the ITE we will have to check if our building is more than 45 years old. There are many ways to find out the construction date of a building (End of work document, new construction deeds, cadastral record, etc.). In this post we show you how to check it without moving from home, from the Cadastre consultation website.

If we do not know the year in which our building was built with a query to the cadastre, we will be able to obtain all the data we need. It is a very agile and easy query.

  1. In the first place we must access the official page of the cadastre and access the property search engine. Clicking here and we will go directly to the official search engine of real estate of the cadastre.imatge inicial


  1. For more ease we will look for the tab where we can define the address of our property.entrada al catastreOnce the address of the chosen building has been filled in, we will select the data option. In the image we can see the example of the necessary data for the property located at 152 Padilla street in Barcelona.entrada de dades


  1. After following the first steps we will find ourselves in the Consultation and certification of Real Estate, here we can observe, among many other data, the year of construction of the property In the event that we want to save this information quickly and easily without the need for carry out these steps again, we can download a file in pdf format where the most relevant data is collected. It is enough to click on the GRAPHIC AND DESCRIPTIVE CONSULTATION button.3r. imatge


  1. Then a file in pdf format with our cadastral summary file will be automatically downloaded. Below we see in the image the cadastral summary that we will obtain and in which the most relevant data of the selected property are reflected.Imatge final

With this cadastral file, apart from the construction date, we will also know much more information such as the total constructed area of the building, the uses declared in the cadastre, etc.

If your property is over 45 years old and you want to carry out the ITE, contact us and we will spend budget.