1. If the ITE report is not favorable, does it mean that I will not have the Certificate of Aptitude?

No, even if the report is unfavorable, the Certificate of Aptitude can be obtained with conditions. The ITE report is the document that architects make to identify and classify all types of building systems (facades, roofs, floors, etc.) here you can see what the ITE report This report is sent to the Generalitat and its technicians review it to grant the Certificate of Proficiency.

If the ITE report appears as “unfavorable” this means that important pathologies have been detected (link to pathology classification) and even so the Generalitat technicians could grant the Aptitude Certificate with significant deficiencies (It will have, but a lesser validity: 6 years until it has to be renewed).

In the event that serious or very serious deficiencies have been detected in the qualification the severity of the deficiencies and the precautionary measures have not been executed, the Generalitat will not grant the Certificate of Aptitude

2. If I have a deficiency in the building, will I be obliged to repair it? What if the community doesn’t have the money to do it?

Not necessarily. As long as it does not pose a risk to people, it does not need to be repaired, if it is advisable to do so. However, it will be necessary to carry out a periodic inspection of it to verify that it has not worsened. With the appearance of the new decree 67/2015 it is established that while There is no risk to people if the pathologies are classified as serious, their repair can be delayed. Sometimes it will be necessary to take provisional protective measures so that there is no risk of landslides or other incidents that may cause damage to third parties.

If the community is forced to make the Libro del Edificio where a PRE Building Rehabilitation Plan is included where both the temporary and economic planning of the building repairs is included

3. How long does the administration take to grant the aptitude certificate

In 2020 it was taking between 6 and 8 months from the delivery of the request for the report.

4. What penalties can I have if I do not complete the ITE?

If the building is over 45 years old and is within the scope of the ITE, not passing the ITE in due time can lead to penalties ranging from 9,000 euros to 90,000 euros. Although at the moment (year 2020) we do not know of any case in which a sanctioning process has been opened but letters have been received notifying the existence of this sanctioning code.

5. What is the building book?

The building book collects all relevant information about the condition and characteristics of the building. Instruction book and use of the building and its facilities, building plans, ITE reports and aptitude certificates, energy certificate, PRE Building Rehabilitation Plan, etc.

6. How valid is the ITE?

Actually, what is valid is the Certificate of Aptitude of the building which is the official document issued by the Generalitat. The validity of the Certificate of Aptitude is conditioned on the result of the qualification of the ITE , if the defects are more serious it has less validity:

  • Suitable without deficiencies: 10 years
  • Suitable with minor deficiencies: 10 years
  • Provisional suitable (with important deficiencies): 6 years
  • Precautionary fit (with serious or very serious deficiencies): 3 years