Lately, highly inexpensive offers have appeared on the market in the field of ITE. Many times these offers are associated with an interested participation of an agent in addition to the technician who performs the ITE: it can be a builder or a property manager. Normally these agents have an ethical and professional behavior, but we have detected some cases in which these agents have an interest in the report detecting the greatest number of constructive pathologies so that as many works as possible have to be carried out. This is called a conflict of interest: you cannot be judge and party, just as a doctor would not have to participate in the benefits of a pharmaceutical company.

How is it possible for KAITEK ARQUITECTURA to offer a cheap and quality service?

At KAITEK ARCHITECTURE we can offer competitive prices at the market and we can guarantee that the quality of the service is not diminished. We have no secrets and we are totally transparent. We achieve this thanks to greater efficiency in administrative processes, in field work and the inspection report. Experience tells us that the end customer prefers a competitive price on the condition that they assume a minimum commitment to KAITEK ARQUITECTURA. This commitment simply consists of:

  • Fill in an administrative form for the order and transfer of data.
  • Assume a commitment to attend visits.
  • Having a relationship with the company mainly by digital means (We will meet in person on the day of the inspection)

If you need to order an ITE or for us to give you more information, contact us without obligation by here