Can you get the bany to the living room?

At the time of distributing the spaces of a dwelling, and above all in dwellings of minimal surface or dwellings on it is looking for a desgerarquització of the estates, one of the questions that arise to molts arquitectes is Puc obrir the bany to the living room? Tot follow realitzem a recull of the autonomic normatives d’habitabilitat on is for the bank and the distribution of l’habitatge.

DECRET 28/1999 (derogat)

2.5.1..The main fish of the habitat must meet the following requirements: not have direct access to the hygienic cap that contains a toilet or a toilet, or a banyera.

DECRET 28/2003 (derogat)

2.5.6 You sell them. Not having direct access to the hygienic cap that contains a toilet. In cases of habitats in which the functional program has a single space destined to a living room-kitchen bedroom, we will always direct access to what follows from the Spanish that is to compartmentalize the room.

DECRET 55/2009 (valid on October 21, 2011)

With the most significant differentiating elements in respect of the existing regulations, it is to highlight the enhancement of flexibility and the indifferentiation of Spain of the rooms of the habitat, specifically of the rooms d ‘ The individual, the freedom in the compartmentalisation, the guarantee of accessibility, the reconnection of necessary endowments, as for the emmagatzematge or the rent of theft, and the foment of the espais intermedis amb l’exterior.

3.3 Compartment

1. The compartmentalisation of the habitation will be free, with the sole limitation that the spaces are destined to the rooms to be independent, and the ones destined to the hygienic rooms continue to be independent rooms.

2. The compartmentalisation of the habitat can be conceived according to criteria of flexibility, as long as it is kept unalterable, in conformity with the original technical project: the mandatory provision of a fix consistent character in the kitchen equipment and hygienic changes, the elements that are required. a structural function or following elements common to the building and the ones that make up the tancament with the exterior.

4. The hygienic chambers cannot serve as an obligatory country for the remaining fish that integrate the habitat.

Note that it prescribed that the spaces for the rooms should be independent and the rooms for hygienic rooms followed independent rooms. At the current decree, more distributive freedom is donated to the project developer in favor of the flexibility of the habitatges. Així doncs, the access to the bathroom is to be able to perform perfectly from the room, both normative limitations but, and the limitations of the spatial and functional intentionality that the projectist defines.

Normative paradoxes: if we consider two “contemporary” floors with the distributed mateixa, one from 2003 and one from 2009 is donated the house that the 2003 habitat could not have an ID.

If you try to renew the cédula d’un habitatge creat al 2003 (decret del 2003) between the chamber of the wàter and the sala hi hauria d’haver dues portes, while a pis creat al 2009 in the renewal of the cédula would not have any problem. If the toilet chamber works in the living room.