The Decree of 67/2015 replaces the one of 2010 and the qualification of the deficiencies provides novetats: s’afegeix the qualification of important deficiency. Below is an enumeration of the types of deficiencies with the explanation of the decree and an example of each cradle.

  • Molt Greu deficiency

Very serious deficiencies: these are those that, due to their scope and severity, represent an imminent and generalized risk to the stability of the building and the safety of people and property, and require immediate intervention consisting of the eviction of the building or the adoption of other urgent and precautionary measures, which may include the execution of works or, where appropriate, the declaration of ruin of the building.

In the exemple of a multi-family block of principle of segle with the whip structure we can appreciate that in the forjat of the ground floor there has been a partial collapse of the structure. I appreciate that the bigues of whip sense escairar have patit a deterioration fruit of l’atac d’insectes xilòfags, corcs probably, that to minvat considerably the seva resistant section.

Subsequently to the qualification of molt greu that will assume the desallotjament of the building s’haurà to carry out a project of Structural rehabilitation for the building to recover the conditions of safety appropriate to the use of the building.

Sloping tile roof in dilapidated condition
  • Greu deficiency

Serious deficiencies: these are those that, due to their incidence, represent an imminent risk to the stability or safety of certain elements of the building or serious health problems , that pose a risk to the safety of people or goods, and which require in a first phase the adoption of precautionary measures and in a second phase the execution of works to correct these deficiencies.

In the case of the second exemple we can see in the beams of the forging of the coberta forge an important deterioration. The vigues have lost a large part of the seva section, it appreciates including the longitudinal arm and streps. The bars are oxidized and some points show exfoliation. Això assumes that the pathology is greu ja that apparently the stability of the element is compromised. The formigó presents a scrostonation that leaves pieces in a detachment pattern and it is also very important, which also entails a risk for people. A detachment may cause important damage to third parties. In these cases, it would be obligatory to take precautionary measures: protection marquees to carrer, emmallat dels elements, including proppings of the elements if deemed necessary.

In those cases in which there is a risk per person, the Decree also contemplates the obligation of the technician to notify the municipal administration.

It would also be convenient to prescribe additional provisions and forms of the form to determine what the pathology is: if it is per aluminum cement per example or if it is weak perwaterproofing of coberta.

Reinforced concrete lintel over deteriorated window, with loss of section
Reinforced concrete lintel over deteriorated window, with loss of section
  • Important deficiency 

Important deficiencies: they are those that, despite not initially representing an imminent risk to the stability of the building or to the safety of people, affect its health and functionality , as a process has been verified gradual loss of the original basic benefits, which requires a corrective intervention that cannot be relegated to maintenance work.

In the cas de l’exemple ens trobem on an interior patio on a notepad in l’eixample. It is a pati obert sense skylight, the seves façanes are revoked and painted, the buits of the obertures do not have scopids. The deficiencies are dribbles in the support sense to cover, forats of old installations, and the coatings are molt deteriorats: they present blocks and cracks. Moltes d’aquests defective is could be considered as being, but not because of the seriousness, rather than in the deterioration of the coatings, in the existence of forats of considerable size that compromise the stagnation of the farm, but that can enter the water, animals not desitjats the level of comfort and energy efficiency were a significant deficiency.

Tot and that it is not objected by the ITE to propose the solutions (these must be raised in a rehabilitation project ) It is remarkable the importance of deletions that protect the façades and prevent their deterioration over the long term. Aquests elements, such as coronation ràfecs, finestres scoppers, motllures als brancals, gargoles, skylights, moltes vegades are considered obsolete and proper for past architecture but must consider the importance they have in the conservation and durability of them façans.

  • Lleu

Minor deficiencies: are those not included in the previous sections, which make it necessary to carry out preventive and / or corrective maintenance work to avoid their aggravation, as well as that may cause the appearance of new deficiencies.

An exemple would be the following of the photos: there has been an important presence of humidity inside the fulla de la façana that has degraded the language and painting in the end. Probably, the pathology is the following: due to an absence of minimal thermal insulation and a deterioration of the exterior coating, there has been condensation on the interior and water leaks that have progressively deteriorated the interior coating. In these cases, it is qualified as being because it is not habitable, it affects the caixa d’escala, if it affects a habitatge entity it is qualifying as important or greu.


You can consult the other important novetats of the one that regulates the ITE of 2015 in that article that varem fer here .

It is important to note that hi has a marge ampli d ‘interpretation of the technical technique that realizes the ITE and, more importantly, a marge ampli to the Interpretation of the technical department of the housing department that reviews the ITE. A tall d’exemple, a deficiency d’humitats per capil·laritat In a mur of a building, it will be considered important or dependent on many factors that are not detailed to the ITE regulations and that depend on technical questions involved in the process. The majority of buildings in Barcelona have capital problems and have had capital problems from the seva construction, not because of the technical and economic difficulties that the solution entails, but they have not repaired the pathology, but the symptoms.