Since we have been doing ITE’s we have had the opportunity a few times El Prat de Llobregat , this time we have carried out a technical inspection of a building with 34 homes and 2 premises.

The inspection


The building

The building we inspect is in surprisingly good condition, the neighbors have taken care of it for what it is: their property. Next, we explain how the building was in general terms.

The structure

The building has 7 floors, the slabs that make up the horizontal structure are built with unidirectional slabs of precast concrete beam and flat concrete caissons, the vertical structure is made up of reinforced concrete pillars of about 30×30 cm.

The envelope

The facades have two brick sheets, the outer part is plastered with the brick sheet perforated with mortar, an intermediate air chamber and the interior hollow brick sheet plastered in most cases. The carpentry is made of aluminum, mostly without thermal bridge breakage and with a simple glass (although the building is fine, everything can be improved!)

The facilities

The facilities have recently been renovated. In the electrical part, it has the meter in the standard box, all the cables are conveniently piped and halogen-free, it has a box and protections adapted to the regulations. The sanitation is renewed and is made of PVC ducts in the downspouts that run through the patios. Almost all the neighbors have placed their air conditioners on the terrace and with “silent blocks” and also on benches in case the waterproofing needs to be changed one day.

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