The building inspection

Last July we carried out the technical inspection of the building (ITE) of a building located on Mare de Dèu de Bellvitge street, in the Bellvitge neighborhood, belonging to the municipality of Hospitalet de Llobregat. In this article we explain more information about the building.

During the three visits made by the technicians, the neighbors have been able to share with us their memories of the construction of the building, some remember that a concrete mixer was installed on the avenue and 4 houses were built daily (as they tell us)

The environment, background and general description of the building

The building was built in 1965, consists of a ground floor and thirteen upper floors for housing. The building has two houses per floor, leaving a total of twenty-eight entities.

Currently, as happened with the first inhabitants of the 60s, who were people who were displaced from other regions of Spain, a new generation of displaced people, this time immigrants from other countries, are the new inhabitants of this block of flats . These two generations now live together in the neighborhood, with the vitality that this brings to the squares and streets.


The building (structure, envelope, facilities, etc.)

The vertical structure

The building is constructed with load-bearing walls combined with interlocking walls linked to the slab structure

The horizontal structure

It is made up of unidirectional flat slabs with spans of approximately four meters. The elements of the structure are made with precast concrete panels and it was one of the first blocks built in Bellvitge and one of the buildings where the precast system imported from France began to be used.

The envelope

It consists of a facade of a single sheet (this can cause deficiencies, appearance of mold , which have been solved by adding insulation) , three dividing walls in direct contact with the adjacent buildings, a traditional walkable flat roof and a slab in direct contact with the ground.

The facilities

Generally, the air conditioning installation is individual, most have electric radiators. The heating of domestic hot water is normally by an individual gas boiler. The electricity has the centralized meters in a room on the ground floor of the building, accessible from the entrance. The drainage downspouts are made of PVC since the old fiber cement ones have been replaced with asbestos that used to run through the interior patios.

If you have a building in Hospitalet and it is over 45 years old contact us so we can Let us indicate what its price is, we will advise you and we can carry out the technical inspection of your building.