For the granting of the second occupancy certificate and in the case of old houses from before 1984: the minimum useful free height to count the surface as a useful surface is at least 1.9 , therefore, We must have at least 20 square meters in our house with at least 1.90 meters high.
For the granting of the first occupation card, the parameters that are applied are those of new construction, therefore there must be at least a distance of 2.70 m (this modified with decree 141/2012 at the height of 2.50 m) between floors without counting flooring or cladding. This concept is new, since the headroom has never been defined before through structural parameters. Apart from this condition, the usual concept of useful free height (distance between finished flooring and ceiling) also applies: 2.2 m in circulation spaces, kitchens and bathrooms, and 2.5 m in other spaces (rooms , living rooms, dining room, etc.)