The inspection

Last August we carried out the technical inspection of the building (ITE) of a building located on Maignon street, in the La Salut neighborhood of the Gracia district, belonging to the municipality of Barcelona.

During the two visits made by the technicians, it was possible to check the state of the structure and the building envelope. This verification has been carried out by inspecting the interior of the homes and all the common areas.

With the ITE report, the neighbors receive the guidelines for the correct maintenance of the building.

imatge interior 16035ITE.jpg

The environment, background and general description of the building

The building was built in 1980, it has four upper floors for housing and a ground floor for commercial use. The building has four homes per floor and three commercial premises on the ground floor, leaving a total of nineteen entities.

The building (structure, envelope, facilities, etc.)

The vertical structure of the building is made up of load-bearing walls combined with locking walls, and the horizontal structure is made up of unidirectional flat floors with spans of approximately 5.5 meters.

The envelope is made up of a double-pane façade with an air chamber and a brickwork finish, three dividing walls in direct contact with the adjacent buildings, a traditional walkable flat roof and a slab in direct contact with the ground.

The building has the ground floor raised between 1 meter and 2 meters above the street level, in this way we hinder the appearance of frequent capillary damp in this area.

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