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General description of the visit

Last November we carried out the technical inspection of the building (ITE) of a building located in the municipality of Cornellá de Llobregat on Cristòfor LLargués street.

The coordination between the neighbors and the fact that all the houses were allowed in has helped the visit to proceed quickly and in a single visit.

imatge interioror cornella.jpg

The environment, background and general description of the building

The building was built in 1968; It consists of 4 upper floors, intended for homes, and a ground floor with a commercial premises. It is part of an urban fabric of housing estate, with an open block arrangement: tall blocks in the shape of a pill and a road that runs between the free spaces. The building was built in a context of strong demographic growth in the autonomous community, motivated by immigration in the second decade of the 20th century in Barcelona. Cornellà is part of what has been called the “red belt” since it was an area in which neighborhood movements and clandestine political associations had a greater extension and strength. This was fundamental for the improvement of the conditions of these neighborhoods.

The building (structure, envelope, facilities, etc.)

The vertical structure of the building is made up of load-bearing walls combined with bracing walls and the horizontal structure is made up of unidirectional flat floors plastered below with conventional spans of approximately 5 meters. The envelope is made up of single-sheet facades with a single-layer mortar finish, a dividing wall in direct contact with the adjacent buildings on each side, a flat roof that can be walked on with a ceramic tile finish and a slab in contact with the ground. By having a lower floor number than the two adjacent buildings, the dividing walls are completely hidden and inaccessible.